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In which I share an interesting fact about football, and list some more Things I Do Not Like
March 9, 2010, 5:50 PM
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Gentle reader: I have not yet gone to the football.  I sort of assumed that football was on all the time (the seemingly constant parade of yokels rolling from the Caxton to the Normanby via my front yard suggests so).

However!  As I did know, somewhere in the back of my brain, football is played in seasons.  This fact means that the first game of the season (for I have resolved to attend a Broncos game at Suncorp Stadium, given that I’ve heard so many) doesn’t take place until this Friday night.  I can’t go this week, so I looked at the next one, on March 28 – but it’s a Sunday, and I’ve got rehearsal.

(Incidentally, there’s a great play opening at the Brisbane Arts Theatre on April 10.)

F2: Return of the Felafel

Right!  Anyway, my point is this: I may not get to the football until April.  Don’t worry, though, punters, I intend to carry on with my quest.  As a result, here, for your perusal, is another edition of Things I Do Not Like.

  • Horror movies.  I am a complete and utter girlyskirt when it comes to scary things.  I’m not a fan of grisly slasher horror stuff, but the scariest part of any horror or suspense film is, for me, the suspense itself.  Knowing that you’re about to be frightened, that a horrible monster is about to leap out or someone’s about to take a chainsaw in the face (accompanied by dramatic music) is not my idea of fun.  I know many people enjoy this, but I avoid it like the plague.
  • Certain types of music.  I love what my significant other (hereby known as SigOth) calls ‘Geezer Rock’: the Beatles, Bowie, the Stones, the Kinks.  I also have a soft spot for ’90s Britpop (Jarvis Cocker is not Jesus, but he has the same initials).  These are my favourites, but my taste varies – there are tunes I like in almost every genre, excluding the following:
    • Country music
    • Death metal

Country music could, possibly, be enjoyed ironically.  Death metal sounds to me like I have done something very terrible and am being yelled at hysterically. I am frightened to say anything further about the music described in point 3 as I am not familiar with the millions of sub-genres it encompasses.  I would hate, for example, to boldly declare my hatred of sci-trance-happy-hardcore when what I really dislike is, say…actually, I can’t think of any more semi-plausible names for genres.  You get the idea.  I do not like it.

  • Cleaning.  I am a slob, but a slob who yearns.  I totally get off on the idea of having a cosy, happy little home.  I have urges to decorate, to bake, to light delicately scented candles, to make my flat a clean and lovely refuge from reality!  Sadly, however, I am far less interested in things like cleaning the bathroom or not leaving my socks on the floor.  I occasionally rally enough to do one glory job – like doing ALL the washing up (usually because I do not have a single clean plate, bowl or non-Tupperware container out of which to eat).  I can’t seem to keep the place clean on a regular, everyday basis.  It’s just so BORING.  I’ve resigned myself to being disgusting forever, more or less.

Perhaps a night of cleaning, watching horror movies, whilst drinking excessive amounts of Ouzo?  Something must be done.


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Oh dear god happy hardcore.
How any sane person can like that genre of music I have no idea.


Comment by aA

SigOth? I sound Lovecraftian…


Comment by Ash

I guess my sanity must be called into question, because I can think of many a time that I have lost myself on the dance floor to that very song… Of course I was wasted at the time.

Comment by Ozhenry

Re: Horror, check out “Misery”. Great film. I also enjoyed the first “Saw” movie, and the first two “Scream” films are great.

Comment by Peter C. Hayward

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