Amy Tries Again

Guest Post: Ash Tries Again, Part 2 (aka Bowiemania Volume 1)
May 30, 2010, 6:45 PM
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The first exciting installment in Ash’s Bowie adventure.  Further updates as they come to hand.

After a little to-and-fro, I’ve picked my three albums: Earthling, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust, and Space Oddity.

It’s a voyage through time, from 1997 way back to 1969, with – I imagine – plenty of makeup along the way. Will I laugh? Will I cry? Will I Am?

Stop. Bowie time.

The first track on Earthling is Little Wonder. From the first second, my fears of geezer pop are thankfully incorrect. It’s honestly a very good song. There’s a nice progression and even shades of Gary Numan’s remix phase circa Hybrid.

Could I… like this album?

Seven Years in Tibet continues Bowie through a glass darkly. Just check out these lyrics:

Are you OK? You’ve been shot in the head and I’m holding your brains

Poetic stuff David, but not exactly what I was expecting. Telling Lies almost sounds like Marilyn Manson on ecstasy (see below).

Smiling and dancing, but fundamentally insane.

I’m shocked. It’s an instantly enjoyable mix of dance, industrial, and inevitable pop.

So what’s the problem?

Go on, call me a scrooge; I just don’t think this is great art. Despite the reinvention, a big chunk of Bowie the Showman remains, and with it the nagging suspicion his new persona is just that – a persona.

I’m Afraid of Americans is really the only song with a modicum of something to say, and tellingly this was produced with Nine Inch Nails. I can’t help the feeling Bowie’s just putting on a gothic extravaganza.

Still, there’s nothing wrong with an album you can throw on and have a few drinks with – and there’s certainly nothing wrong with Earthling.

One Bowie album down, two to go, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the music.

I’ve got garlic bread in the oven but should I really be cooking… humble pie?!

Stay tuned as Ash’s education continues…


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