Amy Tries Again

Silence – or – Many Excuses
July 21, 2010, 2:32 PM
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Yes, yes.  I know.  I am a very lazy blogger.  I have excuses, though!  Would you like to hear some?  Shut up, I’m going to tell you anyway.

Firstly, I have been uber busy with impro lately.  If you haven’t noticed, impro falls very definitely under the category of Things I Like.  I’ve been having a ball doing a two week season of Agatha Holmes with Impro Mafia.  As the name may have given away, it was an improvised murder mystery.  I got to wear a wig AND do an accent.  It was wonderful.

Told you it was wonderful.

(It occurs to me that perhaps I should have mentioned this whilst the show was STILL ON.  Oh well.)

There’s a lot of youth impro happening at the moment, too.  Both Impro Mafia and Youth Theatresports are having school competitions, so I have been holding up a scorecard and pretending to be grown-up enough to judge the Yoof of Ostralya.  I do not think they have been fooled, but it is great fun.

In other news, as of next week I will be a dodgy student once again.  Operating under the theory that if I announce my intention to study often enough I will be given a degree in order to make me go away, I am off to try to blend in with the 17-year-olds yet again.  I do not think that they will be fooled, either.

What else?  I am super excited about some of the stuff I’m doing with the good men and women of The Sexy Detective.  We’ve been filming a bunch of new sketches guaranteed to amuse and offend.  (Don’t make too many plans in mid-October, cats and kittens.  Rumour has it that a stage show of wonder and delight will be your number one priority.)

Finally, I must plug the exciting event taking place this weekend.  Yes, it’s impro related.   How did you guess?

Now with 67% more Christmas (in July) cheer!

I am an advanced life form.  I learn from my mistakes.  For this reason I am going to plug the show before it is on (for one night only, by the way).  To that end, do visit the Brisbane Arts Theatre site and book your tickets online, or I will spit in your face.  Right in your pretty, pretty face.

(You think I’m bluffing, don’t you?)


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