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What I Did When I Went To Perth By Amy Currie Aged 27 And A Half
May 27, 2011, 1:06 PM
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It occurred to me the other day that I once had a…blog?  I think that’s the word.  I used to write in this blog.  I think.  The more I mused upon it, the more it came back to me, and before I knew it, I had WordPress open and was no longer a Queen of Narnia.

Right.  That’s my silence dealt with.  I have been having many adventures of late.  None of them have involved reading The Hobbit, but I’m not worried, because they’ve been EVEN COOLER than sitting at home reading Tolkien.  I went to Perth!  This in itself would be mildly newsworthy, but it gets better.  I went to Perth with the good people of The Sexy Detective and we did a show in the Wild West Comedy Festival and it was grand.

We nearly didn’t get there.  There was an unfortunate breakfast incident (it was a morning flight) that resulted in some unplanned athleticism, a very close call and the scorn of the cabin crew (‘And we’d also like to…welcome…those passengers who have only just joined us…’).  However, we made it, and several uneventful hours later (it really is a very long flight to take to still be in Australia), Perth happened.

I have to say, at first glance I wasn’t impressed.  The airport had a mildly depressing Expo ’88 feel and almost every suburban sign, fence or post was half covered in rust – bore water does that, apparently.  I tried to tell myself that Brisbane isn’t to be judged by the industrial parks around our domestic airport and attempted to give Perth the same courtesy.  Thankfully, the theory held.  Perth – non-airport Perth – is lovely.  The CBD is flat, walkable and full of gorgeous old buildings, parks and good eating.   I approve.

The week went pretty quickly.  We were staying in Northbridge, and, after the initial Opening Gala at the Astor, played nightly at Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den at the (appropriately named) Brisbane Hotel, and went on to the Late Night Festival Club at the Brass Monkey a few blocks away after.  I don’t know why I’m telling you the names of the locations.  I think I have one solitary reader in Perth.  Oh well.  Marc, the local references were for you.

We met lots of amazing people, played to some appreciative audiences, drank too much and sang lots of karaoke.  Lots and lots of karaoke.  Seriously, so much karaoke.  I found a local beer that I really, really liked called White Feral, and I recommend it heartily.  It tastes like smoked cheese and has a pig (well, a boar) as its logo, and everyone should drink as much of they can of it at once.  Aw, yeah.  Cheese beer.

I’m rambling.  I suppose my point is this: YAY PERTH!  YAY SEXY DETECTIVE!  If they’ll have us, I can’t wait to come back next year.


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Sounds like a great time was had. Did I see on twitter you also made it out to Little Creatures in Freo? Yes, a lot of good sights to see and places to drink in out west…
Oh, and I’m in Broome – about 2000 kms from Perth – otherwise I’d have been there cheering obviously 🙂

Comment by drej08

A beer that tastes like smoked cheese?!? I must learn more!

Comment by Kris

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