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The Internet Is Magic
October 26, 2011, 1:35 PM
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A few weeks ago, I posted about my absolute favourite and most despised thing at Expo ’88.  (Despite the sentence structure, they were two different things.  I’m not that emotionally complex.)  Sadly, I had a picture of neither.  Fortunately, I have always believed, in my heart of hearts, that the internet is magic.  I was proved right when the kindly Aaron Doyle of provided me with pictures of both from an Expo ’88 souvenir book.  This prince amongst men scanned the images.  I now present PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE of my ability to retain memories for over two decades.

This is Hachi.  Hachi was the finest miniature-ancient-Japanese-village-dwelling hologram of a carpenter the world has ever known, and he still holds a (low-resolution) place in my heart.


This abomination is The Terrifying Beard Man.  Don’t be taken in by the smiling children in their fluorescent playclothes.  They are unaware that THINGS are about to POP SCARILY OUT OF HIS BEARD with NO WARNING and they will have to HIDE BEHIND THEIR MUMS.

Lord of Nightmares.

I cannot tell you how happy I am to have pictures of these things.  These plus the copy of ‘Penny Pollard In Print’ that I found at a stall at the Arts Theatre fete the other day pretty much equal nostalgia heaven.


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That reminds me – I have to make you a copy of the Expo 88 retrospective DVD! I watched it recently. I can’t recall if beard man shows up, but hologram certainly does.

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