Amy Tries Again

Betty Tries Again – or – Adventures With Dentures
January 19, 2012, 11:15 PM
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My writing style – namely, rants about things that happen to me featuring EXCESSIVE CAPITALISATION and – often – too many dashes – may be influenced by my genetics.  I present proof positive of this with a guest post from beyond the grave.  This rant was written for me by my late grandmother about ten years ago now.  It is about a thing that happened to her, and features EXCESSIVE CAPITALISATION and – I think – far too many dashes.

I’ve had this kicking around at home for a few years, and have always thought it rather charming.  I don’t know if the wider world will agree, so this is, first and foremost, posted for my family.  If others happen to be reading, however, here’s a bit of background.

Betty Hollingsworth – ‘Mama’ (pronounced ‘Mah-Mah’, not ‘Mumma’). I read somewhere that it’s a Welsh term for Grandmother, but don’t quote me on that.  That’s just what grandmothers are called on my mother’s side of the family.  A lovely, strange, bossy old lady.  She liked to write.  She didn’t care quite so much for editing.  If she was alive now, she’d have a blog.

Frank Hollingsworth – ‘Grandad’.  Runner of errands and general assistant to Mama.  Teller of terrible jokes.

Aunty Sue – My aunt, an antique dealer (yes, it’s relevant).

U3A – ‘University of the Third Age’.  A series of lectures and classes for seniors with which Mama was very involved.  She took just about every class they had, and was on their committee, organising things like the event described herein.

Buckle up.

As it turned out: not too long.  A few years later, she died.  Cancer.  She’d still be here if she hadn’t dismissed abdominal pain as nothing for months on end.  Grandad died about two years later, after a rapid decline.  He didn’t have a job to do anymore.

It was hard to read this for a while – hence the old wet smudges on the original scanned document.  For the last few years, though, this story has only made me smile, and I think that’s a good thing.


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Thanks Amy. Laugh-out-louds and a few tears from me – but that was my darling mother perfectly. You were a brave lady to be there on the day, sister Sue. Maybe you heard what they said about her??? Jan

Comment by Jan Hollingsworth

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