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An Update – or – I Used To Have A Blog Once
November 11, 2013, 1:17 AM
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This post is not going to be much good.  I warn you now.  However, it is a post, and therefore has a lot going for it.  I have been a very terrible blogger of late in that I haven’t been blogging at all: so here’s a pained attempt at breaking the drought and hopefully clearing the ol’ creative pipes with some mundane news about What I Have Been Doing.  Metaphors: I mix ’em.

I continue to reside in Edinburgh.  I’ve been living by the water in Leith, a really interesting suburb.  Exactly twenty years ago, it was the setting for Trainspotting, and was as dodgy as could be.  But time marches on, of course, and now it’s a strange mix of the incredibly gentrified (Emerging designers! Cupcake boutiques! Harbourside living!) and the grotty.  You can go to a Michelin-starred restaurant, but walk for a few blocks and you’ll find shuffly people sucking on their teeth.  It’s fascinating – and don’t worry, Mum, it’s quite safe.  I want to say that the Brisbane equivalent is West End in the nineties, but that’s not quite right.  Anyway, I’m particularly obsessed with the excellent selection of Polish delis and Asian supermarkets (okay, there are two Asian supermarkets, but that’s still more than I’ve seen clustered elsewhere in Edinburgh).

I was working at a ghost tour company on the Royal Mile for a few months.  There were a lot of things I enjoyed about it – the people were great, and I loved the fact that I was technically someone who made their living performing – but I found myself enjoying it less and less, particularly when the days grew colder and there weren’t many shifts available.  I left a few weeks ago, just before going on holiday for a fortnight, and now that I’m back, I’m a temp again, but I’m looking for something permanent (or at least longer-term).  It seems there are worse things than a nice warm office with endless coffee and a swivel chair.  I do miss the performance aspect of the tours – the itch to flail my limbs and do funny voices is getting stronger and stronger, and I’ve been doing improv jams (yeah, I say improv with a V now) with some awesome locals.  I pine for ImproMafia and The Sexy Detectives a lot.  Basically, everyone in Brisbane needs to come here, either forever or just for the Festival.

What else?  I went to Spain and Portugal with Me Ol’ Ma and her Harrumphing Consort, which was lovely.  I was never allowed to drive, which saddened me, but would no doubt cause the residents of both fair countries to breath a heavy Iberian sigh of relief if they had but known.  I was surprised at how much Spain looks like Australia.  I really wasn’t expecting that.  It’s quite dry, and even features the occasional gum tree.  Despite that, I quite liked it, but my heart belonged to Portugal.  Portugal is cool and you should go there.

The tiny spark of blogging enthusiasm that I managed to fan into a feeble flame is fading now.  I’ll close before it fades entirely.  Fading…fading…gone.  Smell ya later.


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