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Not Really an Easter Egg – or – Blow That Whistle, Captain
March 28, 2015, 10:30 PM
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I’m very fond of The Sound of Music (that and Julie Andrews in general), and a few months ago a work colleague was kind enough to give me an enormous block mounted print of the movie poster (she was cleaning up her garage and thought it seemed My Cup of Tea).  It hangs proudly in my kitchen, and I like to gaze upon Fraulein Maria skipping about a meadow while I am doing the washing up.

Also: Captain von Trapp.  Stern, stern Captain von Trapp.  Sexy, sexy Captain von Trapp in his stern, sexy lederhosen.  I'm not a nun, Captain von Trapp.  Just sayin'.

Also: Captain von Trapp.  Stern and sexy and apparently extremely fertile.

However!  It has come to my attention that there is a – actually, hang on.  Just give me a moment.

And he's totally wearing lederhosen.

And he’s totally wearing lederhosen.

Okay.  Right.  Back on track.  I’ve noticed a little something hidden in the poster.  Well, hidden is a strong word – I suppose it’s more something that I didn’t notice at first glance.  I’m sure there are lots of people (probably seniors, honestly) who are well aware of it, but it’s the closest I’ve ever gotten to discovering an easter egg without the assistance of the internet.

So, the poster features Fraulein Maria, the von Trapp kids and Captain Austriaaaaaaaah, right?  Yes.  Yes, well done.  You’ve cracked it.  Good work.  But if you look closely at the left hand side of the hill – hey, it’s a guy on a bike!  It’s messenger-boy-turned-love-interest-for-the-eldest-daughter-turned-TRAITOROUS-NAZI Rolf.

He's looking away because he's feeling a bit sheepish about the whole Third Reich thing.

He’s looking away because he’s feeling a bit sheepish about the whole Third Reich thing.

This was a very exciting discovery to make whilst scrubbing the bottom of a burnt saucepan that had been sitting in the sink for a day and a half.  Surely this couldn’t be the only discrete nod to supporting characters?  Surely some of the plucky nuns would be dotted about?  Perhaps the Baroness, or flamboyant chum Max?  No, it had to be Mother Superior.  If I just looked at the same spot on the other side of the poster, there she’d be!  I was sure of it!

Or not.

Or not.

Yeah.  Sorry, Mother Superior.  The art department thought about it…and they decided to just draw a cow instead.  On reflection, I suppose they had to.  After all, you can’t put a nun between Captain von Trapp’s powerful thighs and expect her to stay a nun.  Yodelayheehoo!


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