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August 19, 2010, 10:53 PM
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So, there are now only a few days until The Professor, our impro Dr Who parody.  I am pleased to report that since my last post I have learnt a great deal about Dr Who.  In short: jellybabies! Daleks can’t go upstairs!  Sonic screwdriver!  A tennis ball wrapped in aluminium foil makes a TERRIFYING WEAPON!

The knowledge banks are filling rapidly, but the best is yet to come.  If you haven’t come along to one of Impro Mafia’s longforms, you should.  This is how it goes down: we decide on our characters in the weeks before the show, costume them appropriately, round up a bunch of props and costumes that might come in handy – and then leap onstage with no idea what’s going to happen until the audience decides our fate.  This usually translates into me always wanting to do accents and wear silly wigs JUST BECAUSE I CAN.  Anyway, you should come to the show!  I may or may not be the Professor’s companion, and I may or may not be doing a silly accent, and I may or may not be wearing a wonderful wig.

Oh, and getting back to the sonic screwdriver – of course, The Professor doesn’t have one of those.  He is his own man, and a completely original creation!  He has a special gadget of his own.  Do bring along whatever object you’d like to see him use on-stage (the jokes write themselves there, don’t they?).   Psychic hairbrush?  Lunar corkscrew?  Pan-galactic rolled-up-newspaper?  It’s up to you.  You can have it back at the end of the show, but be warned that we tend to chew on props.

Enough from me.  Behold the power of copy & paste!  Now you don’t have to go to the effort of clicking through to the Impro Mafia website.  You should anyway.  Hey, if you like clicking on things, you’ll love clicking on the link to the Facebook event.



The Professor


Deep in the archives of an unnamed British TV network lie the decaying tapes of one of the most innovative shows ever broadcast.

The Professor featured the adventures of a time-travelling Oxford don, his feisty companions, and the dastardly villains they battled to save the universe. For undisclosed legal reasons involving copyright issues, The Professor was sadly yanked off the air in the early 1980s. But ImproMafia has tracked down those lost tapes, and will proudly host a screening on Sunday 22 August.

Join the BAT’s resident impro comedy gurus for an evening of science fiction and laughs.

Brisbane Arts Theatre, 210 Petrie Tce
The Professor
Sunday 22 August
Tickets $10 at the door.
Show starts 7:30pm



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So wish I could be there.
Break a leg.

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